ATW September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers: Her Last Major Interview [The Daily Beast]

The 100 Best Episodes of the 1994–95 TV Season [Vulture]

On Writing: Q&A with Million-dollar Scribes Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig [ScreenCraft]

From Now On, Women Save the World [The New York Times]

TIFF, terror, and the international language of film [Cultural Weekly]

Class Acts: 20 Best School TV Shows [Rolling Stone]

Olivier Assayas on Admiring Kristen Stewart and the Challenges of Bigger Films [Indiewire]

The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine [brain pickings]

Writing from the heart

10 things I’ve learned about writing from the heart

1. Write bravely. Sometimes I know I’ve written bravely, and other times I question and doubt myself. When other screen and TV writers share their words boldly, bleeding their heartfelt truth and humor, it reminds me that what I admire […]


How I got my “yes” back

“We want the juicy.” “It has to be noisy.” “Bring the sexy.” “This is big, we want huge.” Those are notes I have heard again and again over the last few years. I am naturally none of those things. Instead, […]

Eugene O'Neill's house

Facing the ghosts: Eugene O’Neill and Tao House

“His bedroom mirror is painted black, and the walls are grey, the color of fog,” the National Park Ranger said. I stood in Eugene Gladstone O’Neill’s former bedroom at Tao House, a National Historic Site in Danville, California. Here was […]

ATW July 13, 2014

Fall Festival Preview: 40 Films That Could Debut In Venice, Toronto, Telluride or New York [Indiewire]

Let Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Director Matt Reeves Explain How Motion-Capture Really Works [Vulture]

How the Jerry Seinfeld doc Comedian ushered in comedy’s self-reflexive age [The Dissolve]

Who, Exactly, Is Fueling the Vinyl-Records Renaissance? [The Atlantic]

Honor Is a Shame in Shan Khan’s Brave New Film [Huffington Post]

Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, and 8 Other UN Goodwill Ambassadors [Vogue]

Writer/Director David Cronenberg on Technology, Transformation & Money  [The Credits]

The Rocky History of 17 Real-Life Couples and Their On-Screen Chemistry [Vanity Fair]

14 Easy Ways To Improve Any Piece Of Writing [MindBodyGreen]

ATW April 25, 2014

What’s The Best Film School for Filmmakers (If Any)? Here’s What This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival Filmmakers Say [Indiewire]

Best Acoustics? Best Party Space? SSN Ranks the Best Theaters in L.A. Just in Time for Summer [ssn]

How Judy Greer Became Hollywood’s Most In-Demand Best Friend [BuzzFeed]

Writing and the Creative Life: What to do when you feel out of touch with your creative energy [Go Into The Story/The Black List]

How LEGO Conquered Hollywood 65 Years After Its Debut [The Daily Beast]

Shakespeare, 450 Years Later: The 10 Essential Screen Adaptations [word&film]

The Food Chain. [Doug Richardson]

How to Use Laughter to Improve Your Life [msn video]

New Lessons From Leonardo [Daily Good]

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