The most important haircut of my life

Last July I took a rather unconventional vow. I was having a terrible time focusing on writing, so I made the decision not to allow myself a haircut until I had finished the first draft of my novel. It turns […]


Pink sugar and pale moonlight

He said: Valentine’s Day is here. As if you need us to tell you that, right? Stores have assaulted you with racks of sappy cards and ghetto chocolate since New Year’s Eve. She said: To me, Valentine’s Day has never been about […]

Doing it all


I think I make every effort to ‘do it all,’ but frankly, at the end of the day, “it” is never perfect or pretty or without its hiccups and anxieties. Which may be the reason that Maria Shriver’s report on […]

Furbush children

Attention Hollywood: These 2 kids need your help

I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. One of our claims to fame was that we were the biggest town in the country which is interesting because it never felt big. In fact, it felt like a small town. We all […]

Little girl hula hooping

‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

It was a scorching summer day. My husband and I agonizingly plodded along the 405 at rush hour against an invisible clock. Our Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) social worker had called us to say […]

2014 wish

A writer’s wish for 2014

I will invent glasses that let us see each other’s souls so that we know everyone has one and is going through something. And shoes that when we walk by people instantly, but only for a moment, let us feel […]

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