Making the cut

So, we did it. My husband-and-writing-partner and I got through the water bottle tour of staffing season, the intensity of our first writers’ rooms, the multiple round of notes on our first script, and finally the grueling hours of our […]


Mommy Yoda

I was forty-one years old when I had my son, and I had no idea how to be a mother. During those first weeks, I felt like I was on an Outward Bound expedition, dropped into the wilderness without food […]

Cell phone in Heaven

Is there cell service in heaven?

What would you do if someone spoke to you from heaven? I’m not talking metaphors here. I’m talking about a literal telephone call. Imagine standing in your kitchen one morning, opening a box of tea, and your phone rings. You […]


Know when to fold ’em

We are taught to make it work. Make it all work. Our friendships. Our jobs. Our business relationships. My grandma Gertie used to say “Well, that’s my lot in life.” Gertie, and so many of her depression era peers lived […]


PaleyFest 2014: What ‘Lost’ taught me about home

The audience is buzzing with anticipation at the Dolby Theater at Hollywood & Highland Center, as I settle into my seat with a thousand other Lost fans for my first ever PaleyFest. Even though I’ve been to the Dolby, “everything […]


Seeking approval in a time that doesn’t approve

Aren’t we all plum tuckered from seeking approval? When we want validation somewhere that usually means we want it everywhere. And everywhere is as vast as the universe. Endless. Tired just thinking about that geography. That energy spent. And on […]

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