Elmore Leonard

Soul to sole with Elmore Leonard

It was my freshman year at the University of Michigan and Elmore Leonard arrived to speak to my English class. It’s been three decades and I still remember his round face and grandfatherly air. I also remember feeling we were […]

Pacific Coast Highway

So I’m a writer now, right?

When do you feel like you’ve arrived at being a bonafide writer? I took a while to come to terms with this, because I didn’t want to feel like I hijacked the title. For example, you can only say you […]


When in doubt… lie

There are more “experts” in Hollywood than probably any other profession in the known world. I should probably explain that if sarcasm font existed, the above would be bolded, underlined and italicized in it. When I’m not writing (or surfing […]

Deadline clock

All deadlines are not created equal

I’m a wait ’til the last minute kind of gal. All through college I did my best studying the night before the final, burning the midnight oil in the library, long after the more disciplined students had closed their books […]


The world’s pain is in our pockets, thanks to our iPhones

The only thing I can watch right now are reruns of sitcoms from the 80’s and QVC. The sitcoms because they are warm, kind and bring me back instantly to my childhood, when I didn’t know of the pain the […]


‘Low Down’: A daughter remembers her flawed father

A.J. Albany’s Low Down – A remarkable writer remembers jazz great Joe Albany, her loving but flawed father who inspired her. One of the very first jazz LPs I ever owned was The Right Combination, Joe Albany with Warne Marsh. […]

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