Casting G-d

Casting G-d

We are a storytelling people. There is no doubt about it. Comedic, dramatic or tragic, we are a people that enjoys an entertaining beginning, middle and end. So it is easy to understand why Passover, a holiday with a dictated […]

Heebie Jeebies

Career advice from my 7-year-old gave me ‘The Heebie-Jeebies’

Life can be one hot mess. Any day can present us with a new mélange of frustration, fear and fixation with nothing to guide us to a safe haven. But it can also be a wonder. There are moments where […]

Outside Sales

Selling your house to finance a movie is a bad idea… But it worked for me

An agent once told me this business is all about hills and valleys, ups and downs. Without a doubt, the lowest I have ever been was the year after finishing my first film. It was 2007 and I was working […]

Social media

Social media: My self-esteem IV drip

As an actor/filmmaker, it’s probably no surprise to hear me admit that I have an addiction. In this case, an addiction to “what others think of me.” Oddly this is a new awareness for me and it’s left me with […]

Michael Maren directing

‘A Short History of Decay’

It was a low point. I had watched my last few film projects crash and burn in ways I couldn’t possibly have foreseen. I had begun to chase the marketplace, and was starting to feel like a hack. (Political dramas […]


Bowling with Jason Bateman and Kiefer Sutherland

I was a sophomore film student at NYU when I decided to spend the summer working in Hollywood. I wanted nothing more than to experience a professional shoot. If I was going to have a career in the business of […]

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