The Walking Dead


A new year, a new you

We find comfort in the fictional worlds created by Hollywood. Whether we are actors, writers, producers, or simply fans, we escape in these fictionalized worlds, the fantasies we watch in movie theaters, the episodic narratives that we follow week-to-week on […]

Rearview mirror

You are what you watch

On a dark and chilly night in October, I finished up a binge-watching session of The Walking Dead and got in my car to drive to my mom’s house for the weekend. My car had been locked, inside my garage, […]

ATW August 13, 2014

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One of my father’s favorite mottos was “Think too long, get it wrong.” Granted, my father was not a contemplative, philosophical man and he got it wrong fairly often. Nonetheless, he taught me the power of iteration. What is iteration? […]

Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ and life

If only life could be so neatly packaged like episodes and seasons of a television series. The summer my son Alex turned 13, our private apocalypse hit and we were raptured and thrown into another world. We thought we were […]

ATW January 15, 2014

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