Television writer

Selling a pilot

Step 6: ‘They like me, they really like me!’

EDITOR’S NOTE: For great laughs and lessons, please take a look at Steps 1-5. Hey people, Dave Addison back and guess what? Instead of my usual bitching and moaning – I actually have some good news for a change. The […]

Writers' room

Step 4: Being a writer is not pretty

For your reading pleasure, please take a look at Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Hey people, Dave Addison back with some revelations regarding my first batch of network notes on my pilot: 1) I wanna shoot myself. 2) They’re not […]

Things I Did Write

Write and wrong

The first time I almost got staffed on a TV show was in the spring of 2006. My fiancée-at-the-time and writing partner and I were still playing assistant-by-day/writer-by-night superheroes. It was a strange moment of purgatory in our lives that […]

Selling a pilot one pager

Step 2: Writing a one-pager

If you’re reading this second installment about selling a pilot in Hollywood, then either you A) like me, even though you have no idea who I really am. B) You’re a frustrated writer working as an Uber driver hoping for […]

The Muppets

Cancer, The Muppets and me

I’m staring out the window of my parents’ Cadillac Seville. “Crash Into Me” is on the radio again. I’m picking at the threads of my cut-off jean shorts and imagining I’m in a music video. I’m not in my body. […]

Colorful illustration of a brain

Filmmaker Jill Soloway: ‘Pick my brain’

Hello there. My name is Jill Soloway and I am a writer/director/mother/feminist/lover of slashes. Back in 2005, I wrote a little dirty/sexy/funny (more slashes) memoir called Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants. At the end of that book I added a […]

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