Television writer


Sometimes no’s are premature

One rule I’ve made for myself in Hollywood is don’t give up until you hear the word no, and even then that may be premature. I started my first screenplay about six years ago. A close writer friend of mine […]

Say something

What happens in the writer’s room…

“Say something. Anything. But not something stupid. That could get you fired. And if you get fired from your first staffing job, that will look bad. Nobody will want to work with you again. So maybe don’t say anything. But […]

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

What Kristin Newman was doing while I was breeding

Ever wonder what your single friends are doing while you’re off getting married and having babies? If you’re sitcom writer Kristin Newman, then you document your travels through singlehood in a hilarious and sexy book actually called What I Was […]

See Dad Run

Three seasons. Fifty five episodes. In twenty four months.

In three days I will wrap my writing duties on Nick at Nite’s first original sitcom – See Dad Run. Three seasons. Fifty five episodes. In twenty four months. Last night we had our final rewrite in our offices at […]

Milk + Bookies

Milk + Bookies: Where celebrity storytellers celebrate the love of giving

A few weeks after my dad died, a good friend called to ask, “wanna bring your little one to a book party?” My immediate thought was, my dad would’ve loved this idea. An avid reader, he was the reason I […]

First teleplay

The write way

The first full teleplay my husband-and-writing-partner and I were paid to write was for a delightful show we were honored to be a part of called Pushing Daisies, created by the inimitable Bryan Fuller. The first few months in the […]

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