What’s your story?

I’ve spent decades in the midst of chaotic Control Rooms, producing live newscasts as history was going down: when President Reagan was shot, that chilly morning the Shuttle Challenger exploded in midair, the moment the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. […]


Things you learn on a playground

A few years back, my daughter who was about six at the time, had been watching me working on a screenplay and getting it ready for production. She has always loved and still does love watching the process of making […]


Defining your voice in the stories you tell

If you were asked to describe your voice, what would you say? As a Story/Career Consultant for writers and entrepreneurs, this is one of my favorite questions to ask. Your voice defines you and sets you apart from the masses. […]


What the Oscars say about us

Who will be the big winners at this year’s Academy Awards? We think the question is not who, but what. Below are our observations about a significant and intriguing shift in the “soul” of moving images in 2012. It seems […]


My Grandpa is a star

Behind every great story is the character of the storyteller. Working in film and television for 15 years, I fancy myself as a pretty good storyteller and being even better at recognizing one. This past summer when my family rented […]


Does Hollywood have a soul?

So I am sweating rivers in the dark of the southern night.  The mosquitoes are swarming maliciously.  I have slathered enough DEET-ridden bug spray all over me to, well, let’s just say at that moment I could legitimately have been […]

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