One of my father’s favorite mottos was “Think too long, get it wrong.” Granted, my father was not a contemplative, philosophical man and he got it wrong fairly often. Nonetheless, he taught me the power of iteration. What is iteration? […]

Ted Talk

Viral Inspiration

I can’t help but think Kevin Allocca’s TEDYouth Talk missed an opportunity. As I see it, the speech had the potential to accomplish at least 3 things: 1. Useful advice – check 2. Entertain – check 3. Inspire – not […]


‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: How a meeting works

The producer sits behind her elegant, deco-style desk skimming through a spec script when the intercom buzzes. “Your 10:30’s here,” her assistant says. The producer looks at her watch. 10:52. Frowns. “Okay, get me a time-machine,” the producer mumbles. “What […]

Jennifer Aniston "CAKE"

Jennifer Aniston and the perfect ending

I was always thinking up stories as a kid – fantastical tales in which I was the protagonist, and that were usually based on big plot devices like time travel. I didn’t write any of these stories down until I […]

Harold Ramis

The indelible mark of Harold Ramis

I dare you to find any movie-going fan that wouldn’t crack up if you randomly approached him or her on the street and exclaimed, “Phil? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!” “Ned? Ned Ryerson?” “Bing!” Or maybe it’s just […]

Hollywood pitching bible

‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: Introducing main characters

“My story is an action film about the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant on the eve of World War II. The Nazis are looking for the Ark because it’s supposed to have supernatural powers. The FBI sends […]

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