Ghost Whisperer pitch

Tales from the trenches: John Gray pitches ‘Ghost Whisperer’

In August of 2013 we published our book about pitching, The Hollywood Pitching Bible. While the book was intended to offer solid advice about selling projects for film and television, along the way we also discovered how the pitching process […]

August directors' birthdays

My wild night of filmmaker inspiration

Last night my pal Amy and I were out walking, when it started to pour. We darted into a joint called Fight Club – the kind of tavern we’d typically avoid. Boxing gloves dangled from the ceiling and there was […]

King Lear

See better, Lear

In Shakespeare’s monumental tragedy about an arrogant King who divides his kingdom amongst avaricious daughters, King Lear’s advisor, Kent, advises him to think carefully about his actions. Lear has just scorned the one daughter who actually cares about him in […]

J train

Dear Diary, my life officially begins today

My first Hollywood job was not actually in Hollywood, but in New York. I was in college; a freshman whose cubicle-sized dorm was covered in wall-to-wall photographs of old movie stars. With black-and-white images of Dietrich, Crawford, Harlow and their […]

It's a Wonderful Life

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

It’s a Wonderful Life is a timeless movie that continues to touch people’s heart and soul year after year with its message of love. Many movie critics ripped it apart when it was released. But, it is arguably the most successful movie ever […]

Milk + Bookies

Milk + Bookies: Where celebrity storytellers celebrate the love of giving

A few weeks after my dad died, a good friend called to ask, “wanna bring your little one to a book party?” My immediate thought was, my dad would’ve loved this idea. An avid reader, he was the reason I […]

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