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hollywood journal summer vacation

How ‘Hollywood Journal’ spent the summer – Part 3

Hollywood Journal‘s contributors had a memorable summer full of great adventures and wonderful experiences. Have fun scrolling through the final episode of “How Hollywood Journal spent the summer” … Kara Holden – Top left: The famous sign from the Notre […]

Hollywood Drive & Talk

Spiritual Legacy

In this episode of Hollywood Drive & Talk, Seth explores how to make a lasting impact with your life by being mindful of your “Spiritual Legacy.”

Hollywood Drive & Talk

All it takes is one

In this episode of Hollywood Drive & Talk, Seth expresses why there’s a reason to be hopeful in Hollywood: because “All It Takes Is One!”

ATW Talking Points
May 22, 2013

• ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘American Horror Story’ Lead Critics’ Choice Television Awards Nominations [The Wrap]

• Bet you didn’t know Zach Galifianakis saved a homeless woman’s life [msn]

• Big Bad Bruce. [Doug Richardson]

• Seth Jaret, Content Engine CEO & Talent Manager with Zhena Muzyka on Inspiration Inc [Inspiration, Inc. on TV4Startups]

• Your Secret Skill That’s About to Change the World [Oprah]

• A Kid Who Just Wanted To Make Movies and My Aha Moment in SCHIZOPOLIS (Part I) [Stage 32]

• Hear Tom Waits, Bill Murray, and Other Modern Bards Read Some of Your Favorite Classic Poems [Open Culture]

• Adorable Little Girl Is a Marvel Superhero Expert [Mashable]

Hollywood Drive & Talk


In this episode of Hollywood Drive & Talk, Seth introduces the concept of the Micro-Audience™ and the imperative of Content Creators to identify and leverage Micro-Audiences for their new IP.


How to make money on YouTube (and off YouTube) with web series

We all love to be entertained online and share funny videos with our friends, but have you ever paid to watch a one-off video online? Ever? Probably not knowingly outside of watching an ad or two. And will you ever […]

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