Selling a television pilot

Writers' room

Step 4: Being a writer is not pretty

For your reading pleasure, please take a look at Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Hey people, Dave Addison back with some revelations regarding my first batch of network notes on my pilot: 1) I wanna shoot myself. 2) They’re not […]

Selling a pilot

Step 3: Hurry up and wait

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t already read Step 1 and/or Step 2 of Dave’s exclusive series — “Selling a Pilot” — do yourself a favor and take a look before reading the latest installment. Hilarity ensues, along with some pretty priceless advice. Hey people, […]

Selling a pilot one pager

Step 2: Writing a one-pager

If you’re reading this second installment about selling a pilot in Hollywood, then either you A) like me, even though you have no idea who I really am. B) You’re a frustrated writer working as an Uber driver hoping for […]

Selling a pilot

Step 1: Selling a pilot (and you didn’t hear it from me)

First off, I’m not Dave Addison. I’ve changed most of the names here to protect the innocent – namely my career as a television writer. This town is small and I can’t bite the hand that feeds me. Or at […]