ATW August 13, 2013

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ATW Talking Points
May 14, 2013

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Dear thirteen-year-old me

Dear Thirteen-year-old me, You’ve just started dating, which really is just another way to say you’ve just started dreaming. Yes, be proud. Most parents don’t even let their kids date until they are way older and better equipped to emotionally […]


Rhyming scenes

Last month, my wife celebrated her birthday. I’ll leave the disclosure of what number birthday for another blog, or another time . . . or well, never. The point really has nothing to do with the actual number of the […]


I’m coming out

Every person should aspire to be his or her most authentic self. To me, that is the ultimate goal for living a healthy, happy life. However, in order to do so, we must be honest with ourselves about who we […]


Croner’s price of ‘Admission’

I rarely hear screenwriters say that they write movies because they have “something to say.” Building conflict, drama, characters, narrative flow, suspense, yes. But something to say? That feels more like the words of a documentary filmmaker. Or the words […]

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