Sometimes no’s are premature

One rule I’ve made for myself in Hollywood is don’t give up until you hear the word no, and even then that may be premature. I started my first screenplay about six years ago. A close writer friend of mine […]


What’s in a name?

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of sitting down with a mentor of mine from college. Dr. Eric Nuetzel has always been a lot of things. A husband (his wife’s awesome, btw). A father of two. A professor […]


Counting someone else’s chickens will only get you in a scramble…

Hollywood, or more specifically the people of Hollywood, never cease to amaze me. We all want to be a part of the same business and yet we compete incessantly; even with our ‘friends.’ Elbowing, shoving, disparaging, hell… Even sabotaging others […]

love keyboard

How technology has ruined romantic comedy

Remember the good old days when to find one’s lost soul mate, a character had to scour the earth on this grand romantic voyage with nothing but a wisp of hair, a charcoal drawing and a childhood memory? Now, they […]


Breathing the creative breath

As artists, we spend years learning and doing our art. We practice. Rehearse. Take lessons. We put our focus on the creative act, whether painting, writing, photographing, dancing, sculpting, playing the music. Yet, there’s another part of our creative work […]

ATW January 5, 2014

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