Breaking into Hollywood

Breaking through ‘The Wall’

True or false? It just takes one script to break a writer into the industry… True and false. One script can break through that barrier between Hollywood Land and No Man’s Land, but that one script is smudged and smeared […]

Mike Nichols

Of Mike and me

Warning: This is not a Mike Nichols tribute, nor a celebration of his genius – plenty of those have appeared online and in print this past week. What this is, is a brief “no tears” account of my collaboration with […]


Stage blood

It is twenty years ago, and I am watching Tiffany, apple-faced and wholesome, holding a straight razor and standing in a bathtub filled with blood. “Are you okay? Do we need to stop?” Soaking wet in only a thin cotton […]

Val Lewton

Val Lewton: Why his films fueled my childhood nightmares

I will never forget the scene in The Leopard Man where a young girl is sent out to get corn meal for her father’s dinner. Using only two eyes seen in the darkness, the roar of a passing train, chiaroscuro […]



I’ve recently been gifted more responsibility than ever at work. My daughter is reaching an age where she verbally demands more of me, and is disappointed when she doesn’t get it. My free time is limited and valuable these days. […]


The dreadful, dubious, daring dream of becoming a screenwriter

I am a military spouse and budding screenwriter. My plan many decades ago when I said “I do” to my newly commissioned Coast Guard ensign husband was to follow his career and write about the adventures it afforded us. I […]

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