Rock and roll


Hanging with John 5 & The Creatures

Schedules finally fell into place that allowed me the opportunity to see John 5 & The Creatures, as well as world-class drummer Rodger Carter, play in an exciting instrumental project. They played their fourth show of their current Careful With That […]


Like father, like son, like the Rolling Stone

Jet-setting from L.A. to New York and back again was part of my dad’s normal business routine. In 1985, a particular plane trip he took, directly and dramatically influenced and inspired my life. What has resonated over the years is […]


More Than Just A Dream

How many times have you thought or heard someone say their records just don’t capture how good they are live? There are certain artists that fall prey to the magic of the recording studio. In the case of Fitz And […]


Soul resurrected: Jimi Hendrix’s “People, Hell & Angels”

Jimi Hendrix passed away almost forty three years ago. Near the beginning of last month, the Hendrix estate along with the estate’s catalog director/author John McDermott, and legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, released a new collection of twelve never before released […]

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