A new year, a new you

We find comfort in the fictional worlds created by Hollywood. Whether we are actors, writers, producers, or simply fans, we escape in these fictionalized worlds, the fantasies we watch in movie theaters, the episodic narratives that we follow week-to-week on […]


Now is the most important role of your life

Anyone who works in Hollywood knows that no movie or television show can be successful without advance preparation, reflection, and planning. Actors have to research characters to take on the personality, locations have to be scouted, and stages have to […]

R is for reshoots

R is for reshoots

Reshoots – a dirty word in the film business. Is it a sign of weakness, of failure – of not getting it right the first time? First off, most of the time they aren’t reshoots – they are additional shooting. Adding […]


My unpaid internship cost a professional his job

As exciting as it was to be on the Warner Bros. lot, my summer internship in feature development confirmed my suspicions that I couldn’t be trapped inside of an office all day reading scripts. The following year, I returned to […]


A reflection on this week’s events and our new world

So much . . . there is so much. Do you ever think about your life? I mean, your whole entire life? Ever get in your car and choose music carefully, roll down your windows and drive through your memories, […]



I have good news and bad news. The good news is: I got The Jeff Probst Show job! The bad news is: I lost it. Normally, people don’t lose jobs in midair, before their jump for joy hits the ground. […]