Raising children

Girls playing in a fountain

Raising girls in Hollywood

I am the father of two girls. Evvy Delilah, 5, and River Gracie, 3. My daughters pick flowers, understand the power of crystals, prefer to be barefoot and love creating alternate lands filled with unicorns, alicorns and witches, who can […]



My kids are watching American Idol. And The Voice. And they watch America’s Got Talent and The X Factor when those shows are in cycle as well. And we find every music show that is on; we watched The Sing […]


“The Princess and the Pea,” revisited

My daughter once shoved a pea up her nose. She was two. Curious. And well, the rest seems self-evident. Despite our best efforts, she jammed the little sucker right on up there to the point we needed to go to […]