‘The Lazarus Effect’: Resurrecting the past

The concept of bringing the dead back to life has created some classic, horrific films. From Frankenstein to Flatliners to The Walking Dead, the notion provides reverse wish-fulfillment that usually turns dark and becomes a cautionary tale. I’ve been focusing […]


B is for budget bongo

Budgets – oh my God. We have to talk about numbers!? OK, here’s the thing: If movies are symphonies (which they are), the script is the strings; the focus of the film, the melody; and the budget is the rhythm […]


The ABCs of producing

This series is dedicated to the art/job of producing – specifically the actual making of a film. Producing entails many skills and hats, as your relationship with crew, actors and directors varies. You’re a babysitter, doctor, manager, cajoler, whipping boy, […]