Eugene O'Neill's house

Facing the ghosts: Eugene O’Neill and Tao House

“His bedroom mirror is painted black, and the walls are grey, the color of fog,” the National Park Ranger said. I stood in Eugene Gladstone O’Neill’s former bedroom at Tao House, a National Historic Site in Danville, California. Here was […]


Mommy Yoda

I was forty-one years old when I had my son, and I had no idea how to be a mother. During those first weeks, I felt like I was on an Outward Bound expedition, dropped into the wilderness without food […]


Casual encounters with creativity

I went back to work when my baby was six weeks old. I had a book to adapt and a play to revise and eventually, a director’s notes to incorporate on a screenplay I’d written two years earlier. I had […]


How I got here

I moved to Los Angeles because of a vision. I had been living in New York, making a fairly decent life in the theater. Which means, I was doing well but not earning enough money to live on. I had […]