Speaking as a sport

What if we saw speaking as a sport?

I was coaching a client who admitted that, even though she’s a successful executive, she still gets nervous when she speaks. She had an important presentation coming up and was afraid she might freeze up. I asked her, “Are you […]

Selling a Pilot

Step 5: “We love what you wrote – now change it”

Hey people, Dave Addison back. Remember me? The guy (who doesn’t use his real name) that happily sold his pilot to Pickaschmodeon (not its real name either) in hopes of bettering the world of children’s television with his brilliant writing? […]

Hollywood pitching bible

‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: Introducing main characters

“My story is an action film about the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant on the eve of World War II. The Nazis are looking for the Ark because it’s supposed to have supernatural powers. The FBI sends […]