Performing live

Kinky Boots

Lindsay Nicole Chambers wears her ‘Kinky Boots’ in L.A.

I just saw Kinky Boots! It was so well done and full of energy that after you finish reading this blog, go find out when the tour is coming to your neck of the woods and buy a ticket. I […]

Wayne Brady

Taking the stage with Wayne Brady

One day I “woke up” and decided to walk away from a soul-crushing, million dollar a year gig as a trader in Chicago, move to L.A. and pursue a new career in entertainment. Why? Because I had to. I always […]

Love and Human Remains

Playwrights on the horizon

In a recent graduation ceremony Jim Carrey shared this beautiful message: “You can spend your life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what’s happening here, and the decisions that we […]

Easter reflection

Valentine’s Day, Florence Henderson and Resurrection: An Easter Reflection

For most of my 55 years I have more-than-disliked Valentine’s Day. That’s because I have detested not having a “special someone” to spend it with and hated knowing it’s dumb to be so bothered about it in the first place. […]

TV camera and theater

Acting out

Historically, there were four professions considered vocational: law, medicine, clerical and theatre. Yes, theatre. Specifically acting. Why? Because there is no way under the sun one would choose such a life if one were not ‘called’ to do so. This […]


In The Valley Below – a duo to keep your eye on

In The Valley Below, Sayers Club, June 4 I’ve always been a sucker for the boy-girl onstage dynamic – I can’t take my eyes off the palpable tension between the sexes. The Buckingham/Nicks soap opera on “Rumours” still resonates. I […]

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