Overcoming adversity

Yellow Card

The most important video we have ever made

Making music videos in today’s music business can be a tricky thing. Budgets are tight, and I personally have grown tired of the “set up the band and film them playing” version. This past summer, leading up to the release […]


‘Low Down’: A daughter remembers her flawed father

A.J. Albany’s Low Down – A remarkable writer remembers jazz great Joe Albany, her loving but flawed father who inspired her. One of the very first jazz LPs I ever owned was The Right Combination, Joe Albany with Warne Marsh. […]

Michael Maren directing

‘A Short History of Decay’

It was a low point. I had watched my last few film projects crash and burn in ways I couldn’t possibly have foreseen. I had begun to chase the marketplace, and was starting to feel like a hack. (Political dramas […]

Mom flowers

Why I spell strength & inspiration M-O-M

I’ve always been a bit of a mama’s boy. It’s the stereotypical Jewish mother/son relationship I guess. Eat, laugh, guilt, hug, repeat. My mother is the source of my sarcasm and humor, and as an English teacher, she always pushed […]

Hollywood road trip

Hollywood is all starts and stops

In the coming weeks I will be having my third operation on my spine. I am thirty-years-old. For those of you wondering, yes, that is way too young to have three spinal surgeries. In fact, this impending procedure will be to correct […]


How “Game of Thrones” changed the little people

It has always been my passion to alter perceptions of how little people are portrayed in the media, which ultimately influences societal reactions. One evening, my former roommate Mikey Post, who happens to be a little person actor, and I […]

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