ATW February 23, 2015

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ATW February 22, 2015

Why There Should Be an Oscar Category for Dramatic Research [The Atlantic]

Why Oscar Nominee Felicity Jones Isn’t Just the Loyal Wife in ‘The Theory of Everything’ [Indiewire]

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Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater

“The truth will only be told over a career.”
– Richard Linklater

Oscars Men all stars

The Oscar Bowl 2015: Men’s All-Star Team

Well, if the dungeon’s a rockin’ – Y’all come knockin’ — cause it’s 50 Shades of Oscar!!! Gee, I’m giddy just anticipating all the potential craziness! Like, which actress will beat the red carpet presenters into submission? What if some […]

Oscars are coming

The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming!

The time has come – my most intimidating moment of the year, the moment I go on record with my predictions. I’ve had really good years (21 out of 24 in 2014), and really bad years (15 out of 24 […]

ATW February 19, 2015

The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie Charts [Vulture]

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