Secret of success

The secret of success

I’d been in Los Angeles for a week with no idea how to get started. I’d ask people for advice and they’d tell me the secret was charming people, networking, making contacts. Hollywood and success in this town is all […]

scotch in business class


The best meeting I ever had in Hollywood, I actually had in Iowa. Or maybe it was Nebraska. I don’t know exactly, but it definitely didn’t involve a conference room overlooking the Hudson River or a bungalow on the Warner’s […]

Broke actor's guide to Sundance

The broke actor’s Sundance survival guide

Sundance can seem like a total film festival enigma where only that weird indie film you thought nothing of can get you in. Blame it on the abundance of free alcohol or the mountain air but Sundance, in many ways, […]

cup of coffee

The best meeting ever is always one coffee away

“Have coffee with everyone you can.” Those were the words of advice my grad school mentor, a producer in his own right, gave me when I first moved to L.A. As of this very moment, they are burned into my […]


How many friends do you need in Hollywood?

Moving to a strange city to pursue a dream is incredibly challenging on every level. I arrived in Los Angeles three weeks after I graduated from film school at The University of Texas at Austin. I knew no one. My […]