ER cast

The resurrection of ‘ER’

This is part 2 of the birth of ER (click here to read part 1). Our first and only network pitch of ER had been a disaster, and I was dreading the call from NBC with their verdict on the […]


The birth of ‘ER’

It was some evening in late January ‘93 when the telephone rang at our home. My wife picked up and handed me the phone — NBC’s President Warren Littlefield was on the line. He told me that NBC was not […]

Selling a Pilot

Step 5: “We love what you wrote – now change it”

Hey people, Dave Addison back. Remember me? The guy (who doesn’t use his real name) that happily sold his pilot to Pickaschmodeon (not its real name either) in hopes of bettering the world of children’s television with his brilliant writing? […]

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