Hanging with John 5 & The Creatures

Schedules finally fell into place that allowed me the opportunity to see John 5 & The Creatures, as well as world-class drummer Rodger Carter, play in an exciting instrumental project. They played their fourth show of their current Careful With That […]

Ashley's top 2014 albums

Top 5 albums of 2014

Working in radio requires me to be up to date with all things music. While I do social media, the majority of my job (and my passion) is based on album releases, leaked tracks, artist collaborations and more. My every […]

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

“That’s the amazing thing about music: there’s a song for every emotion. Can you imagine a world with no music?”
– Harry Styles

Velvet curtain

Do you feel alone in your creativity?

Artists are weird. I am weird. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at the conversations going on in my head. We see things from an angle where no one else has ever stood. In many ways, we are lone wolves fighting […]

Outside Lands

Outside Lands outtakes

For the third successive year in a row, I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week in Golden Gate Park attending Outside Lands — a food, wine and music festival which has been held every year for the last […]

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire: Long live rock ‘n’ roll

Arcade Fire, The Forum, August 2, 2014. Quick. Name three current, “non-catalog” rock ‘n’ roll bands that can sell out an arena (i.e. a catalog band would have its music played on classic rock stations like KLOS 95.5 – think […]

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