Music industry

Yellow Card

The most important video we have ever made

Making music videos in today’s music business can be a tricky thing. Budgets are tight, and I personally have grown tired of the “set up the band and film them playing” version. This past summer, leading up to the release […]


Knowing when to push… and when to be patient

I’d consider myself a very patient person. I’m usually ok waiting for things I want, I let my kids make and fix mistakes to learn from them, I don’t hang up when I’m put on hold, etc. But when does […]

Hollywood job

Gumption and a shoe phone got me my first Hollywood job

“Gumption Miss McGill.” One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. Melanie Griffith was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Tess McGill in Working Girl. Mike Nichols brilliantly directed this movie about a New York City […]

Diva Christmas

The diva who stole Christmas

Every Christmas since I was about fourteen, the Ghost of Christmas Past has never let me live down a moment in time I’m not very proud of. It has haunted me for years and yet the incident itself only lasted […]


The silent day

It was the eighties, I was in my twenties, it was New York City and I was a struggling actress working in the record business. Back when there was a record business. I got a job as a secretary for […]