OK sign

Word as a weapon of mass production

There’s this word I use which helps get me out of bed in the morning. It gets me out of my office at the end of the (traditional) workday and helps me face the work that awaits me at home. […]


Read this article tomorrow

Procrastination. Procrast…………ination. Dun dun dunnnnnnn. It will be the undoing of us all. Or maybe just me. Or, at the very least, any healthy sleep schedule I might have. If you’re like me, you frequently put things off until the […]

ABCs of producing M

M is for motivation

“What’s my motivation?” asked the actor. “Your salary!” replied the director. This infamous exchange is attributed to the great Alfred Hitchcock. Whether it’s accurate or not, this anecdote is repeated often on movie sets around the world. As a producer, […]