I’ve recently been gifted more responsibility than ever at work. My daughter is reaching an age where she verbally demands more of me, and is disappointed when she doesn’t get it. My free time is limited and valuable these days. […]


How I got my “yes” back

“We want the juicy.” “It has to be noisy.” “Bring the sexy.” “This is big, we want huge.” Those are notes I have heard again and again over the last few years. I am naturally none of those things. Instead, […]


Whispers in a town that shouts

The house is quiet. Quiet in that kids are at school-husband at work-dishwasher going kind of way. Our cat is sitting on the window seat looking out, silhouetted by the morning sun. A tall mug of tea, reheated seven times […]


Mommy Yoda

I was forty-one years old when I had my son, and I had no idea how to be a mother. During those first weeks, I felt like I was on an Outward Bound expedition, dropped into the wilderness without food […]

ATW November 16, 2013

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Therapist couch

What my shrink shouldn’t have to tell me

Recently, I’ve started seeing a therapist. I’ve seen many in my life, as this is sort of a rite of passage in Hollywood. Everybody’s doing it and I figured I should see if she can figure out why I’m so […]

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