Matt Boren


What ‘Hollywood Journal’ is grateful for…

Ashley Ballard – My beautiful family, the love and support we share, health, joy, laughter, strength, our talents and the freedom to share them! Jaime Becker – My family. Duh. Such a cliche, right? Better yet I should say I […]

Quill pen and ink

Thanks for sharing

Since I have been off of Facebook (7 months and counting), I have been surprised at least ten times. The other day I called a friend to ask her about something work related. On our call she shared with me […]

Bird soaring

The value of your people

I’ve been closing in. Shutting myself off from the world. I’ve been anxious about my future as an artist. I want to be more in control of my career and my creative choices. And as I’ve felt this giant waking […]

Bad news headlines

No news really is good news

I used to get bits and pieces of world news from Facebook links. But as some of you know, I deleted Facebook five months ago. And for those of you wondering how that’s going, I will tell you this: I […]

Beautiful sunset

Floating downstream

I just spent seven days in Montana. I didn’t check my phone once. There were no televisions. I didn’t read a newspaper. I didn’t ask anyone about the happenings in the world. I woke up with the sun and fell […]

Solar system

The freedom to be excited about change

It has recently come to my attention that change does not have to be end-of-the-world devastating. Change can, in fact, be exciting. I am a writer/actor which by definition means I live a life of change. The only thing in […]

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