Matt Boren

See Dad Run

From Massachusetts to Hollywood

As some of you might know I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts and one of the great treasures from my childhood is my friend Missy. To understand my love for Missy you need first to understand my love for my […]


Know when to fold ’em

We are taught to make it work. Make it all work. Our friendships. Our jobs. Our business relationships. My grandma Gertie used to say “Well, that’s my lot in life.” Gertie, and so many of her depression era peers lived […]


Seeking approval in a time that doesn’t approve

Aren’t we all plum tuckered from seeking approval? When we want validation somewhere that usually means we want it everywhere. And everywhere is as vast as the universe. Endless. Tired just thinking about that geography. That energy spent. And on […]

Colorful squares

We are alive

We are alive! We are so alive it hurts. It feels amazing. It sucks. It’s up and down and super down and super up. It’s good. It’s bad. It’s crap. It is absolutely terrifying. It’s decisions that are so uncomfortable […]

Furbush children

Attention Hollywood: These 2 kids need your help

I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. One of our claims to fame was that we were the biggest town in the country which is interesting because it never felt big. In fact, it felt like a small town. We all […]

2014 wish

A writer’s wish for 2014

I will invent glasses that let us see each other’s souls so that we know everyone has one and is going through something. And shoes that when we walk by people instantly, but only for a moment, let us feel […]

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