Matt Boren

Je suis Charlie

Freedom is at the top of our most wanted list

A street magician in Syria was recently beheaded by Islamic State militants. They considered his magic, which was adored by children, to be slanderous to their God. And recently, as we all know, Al Qaeda trained militants murdered people in […]

Painting in a bubble

Who are we writing for?

My dear friend Russell Young is an artist. He has been working on his new painting series for nearly three years. Very few people have seen the new works. Russell has painted in a bubble. His bubble being a dreamy […]

Girls playing in a fountain

Raising girls in Hollywood

I am the father of two girls. Evvy Delilah, 5, and River Gracie, 3. My daughters pick flowers, understand the power of crystals, prefer to be barefoot and love creating alternate lands filled with unicorns, alicorns and witches, who can […]


The world’s pain is in our pockets, thanks to our iPhones

The only thing I can watch right now are reruns of sitcoms from the 80’s and QVC. The sitcoms because they are warm, kind and bring me back instantly to my childhood, when I didn’t know of the pain the […]


Waking up in Hollywood

I knew my two year run on a sitcom was coming to an end. I had made a list of things I would do in the weeks following the series finale. I was so in control of this next phase […]

See Dad Run

Three seasons. Fifty five episodes. In twenty four months.

In three days I will wrap my writing duties on Nick at Nite’s first original sitcom – See Dad Run. Three seasons. Fifty five episodes. In twenty four months. Last night we had our final rewrite in our offices at […]

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