Making a difference

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington can teach us all a thing or two

Imagine you are a nine-year-old child at one of the poorest performing schools in all of America, and you turn up to your first class of the new theatre program and you meet your teacher, Ms Kerry Washington. Ms Washington […]

the pope

Pope Francis: Papal Popstar

I always find it funny when friends come to visit me in Los Angeles that they want to go to places where they can see “stars.” Admittedly, I am perhaps a little jaded having lived here for close to 20 […]

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood, I can no longer continue our relationship. You may have heard I was pregnant. Let me explain. When I joined the Peace Corps and arrived in Cambodia, all I could think about was you. Being in the “industry” […]

Brianna Brown

Actress Brianna Brown: Leading by example

Brianna Brown moved from her pink bedroom in suburbia, Minnesota to the sets and stages of Hollywood after graduating high school. Since her first on-screen role in Judd Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks, Brianna has worked steadily in film and some […]

Long Way Down

Three months on a motorcycle with Ewan McGregor

My husband is obsessed with motorcycles. He rides them every chance he gets, and when he’s not out riding, he’s wandering through dealerships, checking out the latest Harleys and Suzukis, BMWs and KTMs. My husband doesn’t discriminate. Be it large […]

pushing a shopping cart

The question that might change your life

My stomach lurched at the sight of her. Speeding down the exit ramp of the 101 freeway, amid the collective rush to get to the next destination, I saw a woman standing on the corner, holding a sign. Food or […]

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