Love and romance in Hollywood

Heart in a hand


Yeah, right… For many of us, Prince Charming turned back into a frog, the magic carpet took us to the middle of nowhere, and just around the river bend was a white water rapid. Interestingly, if you look up the […]


Hollywood: The unknowing matchmaker

Who doesn’t want to find love like Meg and Tom did in two different Nora Ephron flicks? I know I did. I wanted to write about that kind of love and then have it come true. In fact, the very […]


Pink sugar and pale moonlight

He said: Valentine’s Day is here. As if you need us to tell you that, right? Stores have assaulted you with racks of sappy cards and ghetto chocolate since New Year’s Eve. She said: To me, Valentine’s Day has never been about […]

Movies and marriage

Three things action movies taught me about marriage

Action movies are supremely satisfying. They are also incredibly helpful instruction manuals on how to maintain a healthy marriage. If you’re looking for romance this Valentine’s Day, cue up these three and get ready to fall in love again. Total […]


Three things musicals taught me about marriage

The Wizard of Oz – Travel… It’s impossible not to hear the echoes of Dorothy Gale’s famous line, “there’s no place like home.” The film’s coda about familial nostalgia is timeless, but more importantly, the film demonstrates how adventure forces us to […]

Dara and Chad

Confession: I slept with my work husband…

… who’s also my husband. But how that happened requires a flashback of sorts: It’s August of 2001, I crash my brand-new Jetta on my way across the country in Yellowstone Park. I guess that’s what happens when you give […]