Life advice

Elmore Leonard

Soul to sole with Elmore Leonard

It was my freshman year at the University of Michigan and Elmore Leonard arrived to speak to my English class. It’s been three decades and I still remember his round face and grandfatherly air. I also remember feeling we were […]

ferris wheel

9 sources of strength and sanity in an uncertain industry

In my job as a hiring executive, my work with my alma mater, and through my website,, I interact a lot with young people who are just starting out in entertainment. It can be a very intense time. For […]

John August screenwriting

The John August school of screenwriting

I’ve attempted to write this post several times now. It’s been a little like writing a letter to a high school crush. The old Jim Croce lyric keeps ending up in my head, “Every time I tried to tell you, […]


Do you see the signs?

One common theme that shows up in movies that really inspires me is serendipity – in fact one movie I enjoyed that explores these chance encounters is a love story aptly named Serendipity. This phenomenon is one of the life’s […]

Soul podcast

Belonging to something larger than yourself

In talent manager Danny Sussman’s debut episode of Soul Podcast, he discusses his first and most important piece of advice for “anybody in this business – and anybody who cares to listen.”


5 hot tips for crushing your television staffing meeting

You’ve worked your ass off as an assistant, made some strong connections, or you’re just a wildly talented, barrel-chested, Latvian playwright like myself. Now you’ve got your shot to meet with a showrunner for a TV staff writing job. Here […]

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