Josh Kesselman

E is missing

If they could see me now

My first Hollywood job was working as a PA/2nd AD/piss boy on a soft porn erotic movie called E is Missing aka Private Obsession. The director, Lee Frost, owned a house in the Hollywood Hills that looked like it came […]


Making a movie with Qadhafi

I thought I would share this experience from 2010. Back then, I was still working with the fantastic Principal Entertainment. The movie business was dead in the water (I do believe it’s coming back) and the only way to get […]

Hebrew Hammer

‘The Hebrew Hammer’: Our father would be proud

In 2002, I produced a movie called The Hebrew Hammer. Ever hear of it? Some people call it a cult classic – I call it a classic! I was a youngster then – I was building my list of clients […]

Gus Fring Breaking Bad

Thank you ‘Breaking Bad’

So, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Breaking Bad just had its series finale. I happen to represent the one and only Giancarlo Esposito aka Gus Fring. You will not find a more gracious, sincere human being. It’s […]

hollywood journal summer vacation

How ‘Hollywood Journal’ spent the summer – Part 3

Hollywood Journal‘s contributors had a memorable summer full of great adventures and wonderful experiences. Have fun scrolling through the final episode of “How Hollywood Journal spent the summer” … Kara Holden – Top left: The famous sign from the Notre […]


My ‘Zoo Story’

The one question I always get when meeting new people is “How did you get into this business?” What they are really asking is “why in hell did you choose a business where you spend every moment of your waking […]

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