OK sign

Word as a weapon of mass production

There’s this word I use which helps get me out of bed in the morning. It gets me out of my office at the end of the (traditional) workday and helps me face the work that awaits me at home. […]

90 seconds

Ninety seconds to safety

Sirens are going off as rockets arc through the night sky and high tech missile defences intercept them. No, it’s not Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest film. I’m in Jerusalem with my wife and two kids for my youngest brother’s wedding, and […]

Israeli kidnapped teenagers

The loss of three good souls

Today we mourn the loss of life of three young boys who were on their way home from school, doing nothing more than doing the same thing they had done every day. The pictures of these three boys, Gilad Shaar, […]

Hollywood Holy Land

Brush with Hollywood destiny via the Holy Land

I had moved to Israel within the last year or two when I’d come home from work to find my roommate on the couch, watching television. On TV, a young woman sang Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel”, her mellifluous voice a comforting […]

Jedi training

Going to the Fortress of Solitude for Jedi training

When I am in Israel, I feel like a light socket plugged into an energy source. There is a bounce in my step, I feel intellectually and spiritually stimulated. I see in Technicolor. My roots are in Israel. My late […]

Jessie Kahnweiler

My God plays hard to get

“Jessie! Turn around so I can film you throwing up!” Addie, my Israeli cinematographer, barked as tear gas engulfed us signaling the protest had officially begun. I turned toward the camera and finished hacking up the remaining smoke from my […]

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