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‘The Lazarus Effect’: Resurrecting the past

The concept of bringing the dead back to life has created some classic, horrific films. From Frankenstein to Flatliners to The Walking Dead, the notion provides reverse wish-fulfillment that usually turns dark and becomes a cautionary tale. I’ve been focusing […]


Stage blood

It is twenty years ago, and I am watching Tiffany, apple-faced and wholesome, holding a straight razor and standing in a bathtub filled with blood. “Are you okay? Do we need to stop?” Soaking wet in only a thin cotton […]

Scary hands: Horror survival guide

The horror movie survival guide

Of late, I’ve been producing, among other genres, a number of horror movies: Chernobyl Diaries, The Crazies and the hit ghost story, The Conjuring. I’ve realized that should you find yourself in the middle of a horror movie, there are […]

ATW October 30, 2014

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Val Lewton

Val Lewton: Why his films fueled my childhood nightmares

I will never forget the scene in The Leopard Man where a young girl is sent out to get corn meal for her father’s dinner. Using only two eyes seen in the darkness, the roar of a passing train, chiaroscuro […]

Devil's Due

Sometimes dreams come true: On writing ‘Devil’s Due’

About a year and a half ago, I had an intense dream about a “paranormal pregnancy” (I know, strange right?). It was one of those visceral and emotional experiences where even when I woke, I couldn’t shake the images and […]

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