ATW July 2, 2014

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ATW May 23, 2014

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ATW May 7, 2014

Edward Norton: CrowdRise Is The Alternative To Rubber-Chicken Charity Dinners [Huffington Post]

6 Filmmaking Tips From Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ [Film School Rejects]

The 5 Most Surprising Truths About Adapting Your Book For TV [word&film]

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Mythic mirror

The Oscars as mythic mirror

Each January, I can’t wait to read the list of Academy Award nominees. The annual ritual offers a way to review a pantheon of cultural imagery from the past year: a complex mirroring process. “Who are we? What do we […]

ATW February 6, 2014

Jason Reitman Addresses His ‘Labor Day’ Critics and Explains Why He Made the Film [Indiewire]

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ATW January 31, 2014

Scarlett Johansson: Clearing the Air [Huffington Post]

19 Ways Steve Urkel Inspired You As A Kid [BuzzFeed]

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