Hanging with John 5 & The Creatures

Schedules finally fell into place that allowed me the opportunity to see John 5 & The Creatures, as well as world-class drummer Rodger Carter, play in an exciting instrumental project. They played their fourth show of their current Careful With That […]

Secret of success

The secret of success

I’d been in Los Angeles for a week with no idea how to get started. I’d ask people for advice and they’d tell me the secret was charming people, networking, making contacts. Hollywood and success in this town is all […]

The Wedding Ringer

‘The Wedding Ringer’: You can’t hurry love

It all started with a laugh. I was sitting at CAA in 1998, working on Adam Krentzman’s desk when I first heard Mara Jacobs‘ new assistant, Jeremy Garelick, laugh from around the corner. A fast friendship formed over long days […]

Sex Ed

Everything I needed to know, I learned from ‘Sex Ed’

It was 2007, I recently finished AFI, and everyone knew I was looking to collaborate with a writer. I was working as head of development for a production company, and meeting with writers on the weekends to develop a project […]

Jonathan Silverman

Meeting Silverman

If Ireland is the Land of a Thousand Welcomes, then Los Angeles is definitely the Town of a Million Phone Calls. As the recipient/subject of some of said calls, I can say that despite their penchant for the chewing up and, […]


Actress/writer fired for her one-woman show about sex

At 7am every morning, Jean Franzblau and I talk on the phone for exactly thirty minutes. We met three years ago at a visions workshop and immediately connected over a mutual creative entrepreneurial spirit and a fear of being “too […]

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