Follow your dreams

Dear White People

‘Dear White People,’ thanks for everything

I drove into work nervous, but determined. It was early March of 2013 and the previous night, I had experienced a revelation. It was time to quit my job and make my dreams a priority. That morning, I was going […]


The dreadful, dubious, daring dream of becoming a screenwriter

I am a military spouse and budding screenwriter. My plan many decades ago when I said “I do” to my newly commissioned Coast Guard ensign husband was to follow his career and write about the adventures it afforded us. I […]

Wayne Brady

Taking the stage with Wayne Brady

One day I “woke up” and decided to walk away from a soul-crushing, million dollar a year gig as a trader in Chicago, move to L.A. and pursue a new career in entertainment. Why? Because I had to. I always […]

Heebie Jeebies

Career advice from my 7-year-old gave me ‘The Heebie-Jeebies’

Life can be one hot mess. Any day can present us with a new mélange of frustration, fear and fixation with nothing to guide us to a safe haven. But it can also be a wonder. There are moments where […]


The making of ‘Uggs for Gaza’

When I was nineteen and a theater student, I ushered for a play starring Morgan Freeman. Cheeky, I told Freeman I was a fan, and after graciously thanking me, he asked, “What do you want to be when you grow […]


I want to work on ‘Ghostbusters’

I was taught that if you want something to become reality that you have to put it out into the universe because that makes it real. I assume this is the entire rationale behind vision boards. I’ve never made a vision board. […]

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