Film industry

E is missing

If they could see me now

My first Hollywood job was working as a PA/2nd AD/piss boy on a soft porn erotic movie called E is Missing aka Private Obsession. The director, Lee Frost, owned a house in the Hollywood Hills that looked like it came […]


Labors of love

Since my post falls on Labor Day this month, I thought I’d dig up a little trivia about how the holiday originated. It turns out that the first Labor Day was actually celebrated on a Tuesday – September 5, 1882, […]


Watch great movies, change the world!

Why are films called “movies”? Is it because they are “moving images” as opposed to photographic stills? Or is it because they “move” viewers in a uniquely powerful way? Etymologically, the answer is the former. But while there are numerous […]

Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ and life

If only life could be so neatly packaged like episodes and seasons of a television series. The summer my son Alex turned 13, our private apocalypse hit and we were raptured and thrown into another world. We thought we were […]

Toronto International Film Festival

How film festivals help you make (and keep) real friends

I attended my first Toronto Film Festival ten years ago. And like a college freshman figuring out how to sign up for classes, I had to learn the rules of badges and tickets and how to get into those oh-so-seemingly-glam […]

Wild bear

My search for inspiration nearly got me eaten by a bear

Finding inspiration is a catalyst for transcendence, whether you’re a writer, an artist, or even a Federal Express driver delivering a package. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night was inspired by a dream. Maya Angelou was inspired by a teacher, and […]

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