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The question that might change your life

My stomach lurched at the sight of her. Speeding down the exit ramp of the 101 freeway, amid the collective rush to get to the next destination, I saw a woman standing on the corner, holding a sign. Food or […]

collage of 1980s

Top 10 clues your child might work in Hollywood someday

I feel it is my duty as a parent to warn you of the early signs that your child might want to pursue a career in Hollywood. After all, at the opening night of my play, my parents said to […]

Girls on a bench with their backs to the viewer

This baby got back

I know what you’re thinking, particularly if you know me, right? It’s true while most don’t always see me coming, I’ve been known to joke they always notice me when I’m leaving. In this instance I’m not talking about the […]

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Summer family fun with Common Sense Media

Media has become the master of us all. As much as we love it, we struggle to catch our breath during the summer movie onslaught and to watch all of the new shows – which are now on cable, on […]

Football over the Hollywood sign

A career in Hollywood as one long football game

If you’re wondering how close we are to the kick-off of football season, try this: turn on any of the ESPN family of networks and count how many times the word “Manziel” is uttered in a 5-minute span. It would […]

Lots of popular TV shows on screens

I’m a slave to my DVR

Your TV show sucks. Okay, your TV show doesn’t suck… Well, some of them do. I’m not quite sure who is reading this. Your TV show could very well suck. If it does, they probably put it on in the […]

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