Film and TV business

Hollywood agent

Now I can pay it forward

My story begins in early 1979. I had come to L.A. in the hopes of becoming an agent in Hollywood. The last half of the 60’s as well as the majority of the 70’s was an incredible time for films. […]

Austin Film Festival

Inspiration, motivation and brainstorm Botox at the Austin Film Festival

Sometimes all you need to keep going is a little creative rejuvenation. A little brainstorm Botox. A writer’s reset button. And that’s exactly what I found in Texas last week at the Austin Film Festival. It was an enjoyably exhausting […]


Broadway, the street that gave birth to the Hollywood movie

Years ago when I was the head of a talent agency’s lit department and working in Beverly Hills, I made an unusual choice by buying an architectural gem in Central L.A.’s Lafayette Square. It was there I tasted the nectar […]

Stan Winston's creatures

The greatest Hollywood meeting I ever had

I usually don’t like discussing specific meetings I’ve had as it sounds like bragging or name dropping, neither of which I really enjoy doing. But there are a couple meetings I’ve had over the years that stand out for me. […]

weight lifting

I’ve learned to embrace the heavy lifting that comes with life

My whole life growing up I was taught to “pull my own weight.” Whether I was part of a team or facing an individual goal, it was instilled in me early on by my parents, teachers, coaches and even friends […]

movie and tv promotions

Why don’t movie studios make pilots?

I’ll remember 2013 as the year TV won. The summer movies were almost uniformly devoid of magic, over-franchised, over-story-structured, over-sequelled and over-CGI’d. Meanwhile, TV continues to overflow with creative genius. This realization has led me to wonder if perhaps TV […]

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