Felicia Cameron Leger

Harper Lee

What’s the story, Harper Lee?

Harper Lee is one of a handful of people responsible for my becoming a writer. I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird as a kid and thinking: Wow, I want to tell stories like that! But as is sometimes the […]


What’s so enticing about the Rule of Three?

My current manuscript opens with my protagonist on the run. It’s been a long night, and he battles his exhaustion by counting the rhythm of his steps – in threes. I remember writing that opening scene like it was yesterday, […]

New Year Chapter One

Three sure-fire resolutions for a successful 2015 in Hollywood

As I watch the dust settle over a year that flew by so fast it left my head spinning, I take a long-overdue breath and look ahead to 2015. What do these next twelve months hold in store, and what […]


A case of mistaken email identity

I was sitting at the keyboard today, battling a case of Blinking Cursor Syndrome, when I decided to take a break and check my email. I hadn’t checked it in over forty-five seconds and, well, you know – there might […]


Killing your darlings

In my last post I made the loud-mouthed announcement that I would be attending a writer’s conference, and asked all of you to hold me accountable for finishing my manuscript in time to shop it around. Well, I’m proud to […]

Deadline clock

All deadlines are not created equal

I’m a wait ’til the last minute kind of gal. All through college I did my best studying the night before the final, burning the midnight oil in the library, long after the more disciplined students had closed their books […]

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