Father-son relationship

E is missing

If they could see me now

My first Hollywood job was working as a PA/2nd AD/piss boy on a soft porn erotic movie called E is Missing aka Private Obsession. The director, Lee Frost, owned a house in the Hollywood Hills that looked like it came […]

The Fault in Our Stars

Healing and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

My dad and I were very close. He died on January 19th, 2012 – a year after being diagnosed with cancer and a week after learning he was going to be a grandfather. We named our son Michael in his […]


My ‘Zoo Story’

The one question I always get when meeting new people is “How did you get into this business?” What they are really asking is “why in hell did you choose a business where you spend every moment of your waking […]


Like father, like son, like the Rolling Stone

Jet-setting from L.A. to New York and back again was part of my dad’s normal business routine. In 1985, a particular plane trip he took, directly and dramatically influenced and inspired my life. What has resonated over the years is […]


‘Mystic River,’ the Colonel and me

Thank you to the men who were brave enough to raise us, rear us, and at times, discipline us. Possibly one of my favorite cinematic moments with my father was after my freshman year of college. I’d torn my knee […]