Sam Simon

If there’s an afterlife, Sam Simon has everyone laughing

Before my grandmother died at the age of 102, she told me that my grandfather, great aunt and great uncle were together in an apartment waiting for her so they could finally play cards. I’ve never been a religious or […]

Still Alice

Why I refused to see ‘Still Alice’

A couple of years ago, an Austrian picture called Amour won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. I had read that the story was about an elderly Parisian couple dealing with the aftermath of the wife’s debilitating stroke. I had […]


How my Oscar obsession began

The year was 1974. I was 4, almost 5. I knew something special was happening because my family never ate dinner in front of the TV, and that night we did. My mother prepared a little buffet on the kitchen […]

Working mother

Crap, I don’t have time for Dad to have cancer

It was the fall of 2010 and over a year since I had returned to work from maternity leave. I’m one of those people who thrives on the energy around me (yes, I’m an extrovert) and when others are running […]

Patrick Duffy

Actor Patrick Duffy: What you see is what you get

Patrick Duffy is incredibly handsome, and even more gorgeous on the inside. A Montana native, Patrick has been a constant fixture on our screens, from his early days on Man from Atlantis to playing Bobby Ewing on Dallas (13 years […]


Why the Motion Picture & Television Fund is a family affair

When writer-producer-director Nunnally Johnson came to Hollywood in 1932 and started making contributions to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, he had no idea how the beginning of that relationship would resonate through three generations. I’m sure though that my father-in-law […]

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