ATW March 27, 2014

Storytelling That Moves People [Harvard Business Review]

Top 10 Sex and Relationship Tips from The Breakfast Club [Huffington Post]

Facebook Buying Oculus Virtual-Reality Company for $2 Billion [Time]

Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel on the meaning of “righteousness”, whether villains can believe in God, and the hurdles they faced when pitching Noah [Patheos]

“I blamed Adam Sandler for ruining my life” [Salon]

This Ladies-Only Pop Mix Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today [BuzzFeed]

New Crowdfunding Site Hosts Big Names – Tom Hanks Film Among First Projects [The Wrap]

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair [ssn]

The Simpsons’ Writers Pick Their Favorite ‘Itchy & Scratchy’ Cartoons [Vulture]

ATW January 22, 2014

Alix Madigan Thinks Ted Hope is Wrong: Here’s Her Keynote From the Sundance 2014 Producers Lunch [Indiewire]

“The Skeleton Twins” director Craig Johnson on comedy, tragedy and Bill Hader [Salon]

Sci-Fi Circuit: Screenwriter Adam Pachter on Landing a Deal with Amazon Studios [Script Magazine]

Reading 52 scripts in one year [Go Into The Story / The Black List]

Jehane Noujaim Receives Academy Award Nomination for Documentary “The Square” [intent blog]

Kanye West [Interview]

Sundance 2014: Kristen Wiig, Michael Fassbender & More in SSN’s Top 10 Film Picks [ssn]

The Problem with Facebook: “It’s Keeping Things From You” [Open Culture]

Slamdance: Christopher Nolan’s Advice For Indie Helmers, And Memories Of Papering Main Street With His $6000 Debut Film [Deadline Hollywood]

Heart with check boxes

Did Facebook kill the high school reunion?

Tonight is my (fill in the blank here) high school reunion. Based on a couple of movies about high school reunions – Grosse Pointe Blank and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – I can look forward to meeting up […]

Quill pen and ink

Thanks for sharing

Since I have been off of Facebook (7 months and counting), I have been surprised at least ten times. The other day I called a friend to ask her about something work related. On our call she shared with me […]

Bad news headlines

No news really is good news

I used to get bits and pieces of world news from Facebook links. But as some of you know, I deleted Facebook five months ago. And for those of you wondering how that’s going, I will tell you this: I […]

social media

Who’s really behind that tweet, page, pin or post?

In the world of social media it’s easy to wonder is anyone’s life really like their faultless Facebook page full of picturesque vacations and flawless puppies? Or their picture perfect Instagram account with flattering filters and cool frames? Or their […]

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